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Just imagine the Lobo comics mixed with Leon, the movie.


Of Monsters and Men

Vladimír Schmidt

Vladimírs series Of Monsters and Men is a moody fantasy adventure taking place in mysterious woods, blooming feudal cities and cold dungeons.
Alina, the heroine of the story, is a young refugee skilled in combat, working as a monster bounty hunter in a world full of living slavic myths and fairy tales. Which means looots of bounty.
Is Baba Yaga Alinas enemy or friend? On whose side is the master of metallurgy, the legendary Myesi-zhelezo? Wanna find out? Read the comic.

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Ronin Blood

Martin Plško

Ronin Blood is Martins newest comicbook project, centering around the outsider samurai Toshiro Toranaga and his family.
In a fantasy version of the japanese feudal era, where demons and demigods are part of the everyday life, Toshiro has to fight his way out of many ambushes, outwit the shapeshifting Tengu, battle pirates, duck from ninja shurikens and find his place in a world that refuses to acknowledge that there are higher ideals than honour and obedient loyality.


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